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Fraud in focus: BIBA Conference 2012

23 May 2012

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) challenged brokers to join the fight against fraud at this year’s BIBA Conference 2012.

With a membership model exclusively for brokers, IFB Director Phil Bird attended BIBA’s flagship conference to highlight the critical role that brokers can play in detecting and preventing fraud.

Phil Bird, IFB Director, said: “Brokers are on the frontline of our industry’s fight against fraud – they are the eyes and ears of insurers and therefore a key stakeholder in the counter-fraud community.

“Having been tasked by the industry to develop new products that detect fraud at the point of application, engaging brokers as well as insurers in that development work is top priority for the IFB.

“We look forward to picking up conversations we kicked off at the BIBA Conference 2012 over the coming weeks.”

For more information about the IFB’s broker model, please email or call 0845 165 2907.

*IFB Competition Winner – James de Rose of iGO4, a Peterborough-based car and home insurance broker, won the IFB’s competition at the BIBA Conference 2012. James correctly identified the industry’s free and confidential Cheatline number as 0800 422 0421.*