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IFB Director Appointed

24 January 2012

Phil Bird has been appointed to the IFB Director post on a 6 month secondment. Since the beginning of December, Phil has been overseeing the day-to-day operations of IFB while continuing to manage the customer services operations for MIB. From 1 February, he will undertake the IFB Director duties in a full-time capacity.

Phil will report to the IFB Supervisory Board which will meet in February for the first time since it was established and during the next 6 months the Board members will consider the responsibilities and requirements of the IFB Director role. Part of the organisation’s new 3-year strategy is to deliver enhanced services to its customers, including developing fraud detection capabilities at the application stage.

David Neave, Chairman of the IFB Supervisory Board, said: “Phil will work closely with the new members of the IFB Supervisory and Technical Boards to build their familiarity with the IFB’s operations. This will ensure that the strategy is rolled out as planned and that the investment is delivering the fraud detection services required by the industry. These changes will realise fraud savings of £60m over a 3 year period, representing a significant increase on current reported savings.”

Phil Bird, IFB Director, said: “In the last year the IFB has enhanced its core capability and a more resilient infrastructure has been implemented. In 2012 the investment in the IFB has been increased and this will enable us to more than double the resources and play a far greater role in preventing fraud, by supporting our customers to manage more complex organised fraud networks. We will use our strategic partnerships with enforcement authorities to ensure this results in arrests and prosecutions."