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CII New Generation Group Launch Data Protection Best Practice Guide

28 April 2015

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Claims Faculty New Generation group is calling for organisations to adopt a new Best Practice Guide relating to requests made under Section 29(3) of the Data Protection Act. The guidance has been launched after two years of work behind the scenes with support from the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB).

The new guide aims to improve the quality of data sharing under Section 29(3), which allows organisations to share data with a third party in order to prevent and detect crime. It is aimed at requests made in respect of claims, underwriting or financial crime within the insurance profession.

The move follows original work from the 2013 New Generation group that highlighted a series of issues with Section 29(3); namely that marked requests were in unmanageably high volumes, often “non-compliant” and “added little to counter fraud investigations”.

Organisations that agree to embrace this model are obliged to:
• ensure their employees make requests only where it is appropriate and necessary
• ensure that due consideration is given to requests received by them
• provide a detailed reason to the requester in the event that they are unwilling to disclose personal data
• ensure their staff are appropriately trained in the use of Section 29(3)
• ensure their SPOC details are kept fully up to date with the IFB; and
• ensure a representative attends and fully participates in the IFB’s regular forums.

Nigel Fryer, member of the Claims group said: “We embarked on this project to try and make a difference in the profession. Through the support and collaboration of insurers, solicitors and other organisations we have produced this guidance which we are sure will improve the way data is shared. With the IFB’s support we hope a number of the collaborators will sign up and help improve our ability as a sector to detect and prevent fraud.”

Ant Gould, Director of Faculties at the CII said: "The annual new generation group programme was created to provide insurance professionals with the opportunity to further their personal development. As part of the programme, each group is asked to work on a project of their own choosing that could make a real difference to the sector and customer outcomes. After two years of hard work I am delighted that the 2013 Claims Faculty New Generation Group members’ vision for change will finally be delivered, with the support of the IFB, and they should be commended on their dedication to improving standards – all outside of their day jobs."

Stephen Dalton, IFB Head of Intelligence, said: "The IFB will manage the administration of this CII initiative designed to ensure consistent high standards across the industry. As well as holding regular forums where adopters of the initiative can discuss and resolve any issues, we will also be responsible for ensuring that the guidance remains compliant with any changes made to the Data Protection Act.”