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Intelligence sharing agreement between IFB and police to target criminal gangs is renewed

12 February 2015

An agreement between the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) to share intelligence on organised criminal gangs between the insurance industry and the police has been reviewed and renewed due to its ongoing success.

The two-way intelligence sharing agreement with ACPO further strengthens the IFB’s ability to detect organised cross-industry insurance fraud and to then work closely with police forces across England and Wales to develop operations to dismantle these criminal networks.

With unrivalled access to industry data and a sophisticated analytics platform that can identify trends and patterns that individual insurers cannot, the IFB holds a unique position from which to identify fraud rings. The information and intelligence that IFB investigations are built upon are derived from a wide variety of sources including intelligence sharing arrangements with public and private sector organisations, regulators and law enforcement agencies. Currently the IFB is co-ordinating 110+ live operations into organised fraud, valued in excess of £120 million.

Stephen Dalton, Head of Intelligence at the IFB, said: “IFB operations provide police forces with a valuable platform from which to gather evidence, make arrests and disrupt organised criminal networks. This  is demonstrated by the fact that since the IFB was created in 2006 we have worked in partnership with the police to support over 1,000 arrests leading to over 260 years in prison for convicted fraudsters.

“As the IFB extends its remit over the next five years to manage organised fraud across all product lines, this agreement with ACPO is an important tool for the IFB and its integral role within the insurance industry’s counter-fraud strategy.”

Chief Constable Michael Barton, Durham Constabulary, said: “For the UK to become even safer, businesses have to do their bit. The renewal of this agreement demonstrates that ACPO, by sharing information with the insurance industry, can have a positive impact on the lives of the public by disrupting organised insurance fraud.”