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Sixteen people sentenced for their part in crash for cash scam

12 June 2015

A gang of fraudsters have been brought to justice after police unravelled a complex insurance scam worth £225,000. Sixteen crooks were hauled into court and sentenced for their involvement in the illegal crash for cash racket, which stretched from Chorlton to Failsworth, Salford and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Police launched an investigation and with support from the Insurance Fraud Bureau - the insurance industry’s central data hub which tried to detect and disrupt organised fraud - another scam was uncovered.

Ben Fletcher, Director of the Insurance Fraud Bureau, said: “Staged and contrived accidents alongside exaggerated claims with hugely inflated costs form part of the ‘crash for cash’ insurance fraud phenomenon which we estimate costs the honest policyholder almost £400 million each year. Today’s sentencing serves as a warning to other would-be fraudsters that if you are committing fraud then the risk of being caught and prosecuted is very real.

“The consequences for insurance fraudsters once caught are life-changing as they face the prospect of heavy fines, a criminal record and imprisonment plus potentially restricted access to financial services."

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