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Crash for cash fraudsters sentenced in Warwickshire following IFB’s landmark 500th conviction

09 June 2017

A crash for cash gang who were found guilty of deliberately causing a crash just outside of Kenilworth in Warwickshire have today been sentenced to just a total of just under five years imprisonment.

The four individuals were convicted of Fraud by False representation for their part in the fraud following a week-long trial back in May. The gang had ventured onto public roads with the sole intention of deliberately crashing into innocent and unsuspecting members of the public, putting people at a very real risk of serious injury.

  • Wasim Riaz, 14/09/1990, 40 Maryland Avenue, Birmingham, B34 6EE – sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years and 300 community service
  • Benjamin Hamula, 01/08/1990, 8 Chestnut Road, Olbury, B68 0AX – sentenced to 12 months imprisonment suspended for two years and 300 community service
  • Amar Hussain, 10/01/1991, 102 Couchman Road, Birmingham, B8 3SR – sentenced to 15 months imprisonment
  • Sahood Khan, 08/07/1991, 93 Couchman Road, Birmingham, B8 3SR – sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for fraud and 8 months for dangerous driving to run concurrently and disqualified from driving for 18 months

IFB was originally contacted by Warwickshire Police with intelligence of suspected induced crashes taking place in and around the area. Working closely with the police, IFB provided support to review seized documentation that the gang used to submit multiple claims to insurance companies for fake injuries, vehicle damage and solicitor costs.

This sentencing brings to the conclusion a case which brought IFB to its landmark 500th conviction milestone since being set up back in 2006. The IFB leads the insurance industry’s fight against fraud, using sophisticated software to analyse and detect suspicious patterns of behaviours. It works closely with the police and other regulators to crackdown on fraud and protect honest premium-paying motorists by ensuring fraudsters are brought to justice.

Ben Fletcher, Director of the IFB, said: “This investigation between Warwickshire Police and IFB highlights to would-be fraudsters that the risks of being caught and prosecuted are very real and they face the prospect of heavy fines, a criminal record and imprisonment, with potentially restricted access to financial services for the rest of their lives. Fraudsters are fuelled by greed and have little regard for the impact they have on others. Not only are they putting road users at risk of injury but crash for cash has significant costs associated to it. We estimate it costs the industry £336m per year, and it is premium-paying motorists who ultimately foot the bill.

“Hitting our 500th conviction significantly demonstrates the importance of having the continued commitment from the insurance industry and police in tackling fraud. Working together we are tightening the net on fraudsters which ultimately sends a strong message to the public that fraud is not acceptable.”

Members of the public can play their role in fighting back against ‘crash for cash’ scams and other types of insurance fraud by reporting what they know to the Cheatline. Powered by Crimestoppers, the Cheatline is a free service that enables the public to anonymously report information or suspicions about insurance fraud by calling 0800 422 0421 or reporting online at All information provided to the Cheatline is treated in the strictest confidence.